With the average life span higher than ever, interest in health
increases annually. People of all ages seek for information on
living healthier lives.
Changes are recognizable through the overflow of health
information and health culture. This consumption pattern is in accordance with the health industry and demonstrates the
change that needs to be made through various angles and
exchange of information.
The World Health Fair invites Health industry professionals and buyers to participate in the marketing of health that clearly
connects to the consumer. The World Health Fair strives to
become a place in which presents a comprehensive overview of health today and the future.

Special feature
Your ultimate guide to healthcare!
We invite you to World Health Fair 2016.
Find out latest health trends and products.

  1. 1. Health A to Z
    • All kind of info on health supplements, vitamins, fitness and lifestyle, guidebooks, etc. is introduced.
  2. 2. Explore
    • Expore the exhibition booths hosted by healthcare brands and attend main events, seminars for your personal healthcare.
  3. 3. Special Events
    • Enjoy free medical check-ups and events at the fair.

  1. 1. Health Industry Promotion
    • Provide a marketing fair promoting current trends and products.
    • Create a comprehensive health market ranging from health
      foods to health publications.
  2. 2. Improvement of National Health
    • Special health lectures and information offered free of charge
    • Health awareness campaign
  3. 3. Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs)
    • Expansion of excavation domestic market and excellent
      SME products
    • Presenting of future trends in the health business
  4. 4. Inducement of International buyers
    • Arrangement of exchanges between domestic and foreign companies
    • Exploration of Overseas market

Key Strategies and
Success Factors
2016 Success Strategy for International Health Fair
  1. 1. Maximize attraction of major domestic manufacturers and overseas buyers
    • Enhancing image of comprehensive health fairs and maximizing involvement of various health companies.
    • Planning of articles to be produced and providing substantial benefits to participants
  2. 2. Maximizing visitors
    • Active online and offline promotions to gain national attention utilizingChosun Media Group (TV Chosun, Lady
      Chosun, Chosun Weekender, Chosun Daily, Chosun Health, Senior Chosun, and etc.)
    • Publicizing the event through selection of ambassadors (doctors, athletes, and health related personals).
  3. 3. Maximize satisfaction to all participants (exhibitors and visitors)
    • Provide enriching content helping to serve as a faithful Chapter of comprehensive health marketing
    • Offer a stylish and convenient operation
  4. 4. Building Trust
    • Building a trustful image of the exhibition through sponsorships of the KFDA and other food safety agencies.